Bordeaux Superieur, Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Superiore classification is a designation of higher quality than generic Bordeaux wine which have to meet a set of criterea in order to be classified as Bordeaux Superiore.
The classification requires that the wines are aged in oak for a minimum of 12 months, the grapes come from vineyards that produce a lower yield reseulting in a higher quality juice, and the wines must reach a higher minimum level of alcohol.
Because of the large area of land that can produce Bordeaux Superiore wines, quality can be quite varied so it has been up to us to just focus on a couple of wines that we know produce consistant quality year on year.
Chateau Argadens is a wine that we have been buying for many years, produced by the Sichel family who also make the very highly regarded Bordeaux wine Chateau Angludet and who also own a third of the legendary Chateau Palmer both in Margaux. Chateau Argadens is one of the best value Bordeaux wines we've tasted, a real classic Claret that continues to prove it's worth on every vintage.
Chateau St-Jacques is made by Chateau Siran, also in Margaux and one of the nine Cru Bourgeois Exceptionelle Chateaux in the 2003 classification. Although Chateau Siran isbased in Margaux, St-Jacques is produced from vineyards owned by Chateau Siran that are outside of the Margaux appelation and fall within the Bordeaux Superiore appelation. Chateau St-Jacques is another real classic, cassis lead Claret that over performs at the price point. A great example of the wine making skill of Chateau Siran.
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