Palmers Bottled Real Ales

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    Tasting presentation pack containing one of each of our five award winning bottled ales and a branded tasting glass.

    Each pack contains:

    1 x The Dorset Pale Alc 4.0% Vol 330ml
    1 x Palmers IPA Alc 4.2% Vol 500ml
    1 x Dorset Gold Alc 4.5% Vol 500ml
    1 x Palmers 200 Alc 5.0% Vol 500ml
    1 x Tally Ho! Alc 5.5% Vol 500ml
    1 x 1/3 pint Palmers tasting glass

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    Dorset Gold (4.5% ABV)

    Lightly hopped, golden premium ale. A refreshing, zesty and thirst-quenching beer, from the heart of Dorset's Jurassic Coast. Originally brewed as a summer ale and proved so popular it's now available all year round.
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    Deliciously hoppy and brewed using a blend of the finest Maris Otter and Munich Malts, with Citra aroma hops to give a hint of grapefruit on the nose. Dorset Pale is filtered, lightly carbonated and served chilled, making this keg session ale very drinkable indeed.
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    Palmers IPA (4.2% ABV)

    This ale has been the taste of Palmers for generations. A full-drinking, malty ale with a delicious hop character. A traditional IPA from the heart of West Dorset.

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    Tally Ho! (5.5% ABV)

    Strong, complex and full of deep distinctive flavours. A rich fruit cake flavour from roasted malt. First brewed in the 1940s, this prize-winning dark strong old ale has a loyal following among real ale connoisseurs.
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    Palmers 200 (5% ABV)

    Full bodied, rich and malty, with a distinctive hop character. First brewed in 1994 to celebrate 200 years of brewing at Palmers. So popular that it is now our flagship premium ale.