Black Cow

Whey has historically been the problem child of the dairy industry. There is an excess produced in the cheese making process. Black Cow take this under-valued by-product and turn it into a superior premium vodka. 
The charismatic inventor of Pure Milk Vodka and face of the brand is Jason Barber. As a farmer, running his own dairy farm, Jason has utilised all of his skills and contacts to set up, maintain and run the production side of Black Cow.

His family background in farming and cheese making are, of course, reflected in the Black Cow process. The world’s oldest surviving family of cheddar makers, the Barber family have been making cheese and producing milk for over 200 years.
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    Black Cow Vodka is the worlds only pure milk vodka. Produced locally in Dorset it is made entirely from the whey that has been separated from the curds that are used to make their local cheddar. This rare and unusual vodka is triple filtered and pure with a unique soft and creamy texture.
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    There is a wonderful brightness to the Black Cow Vodka Negroni. A smooth, clean finish, and a citrusy zing that speaks of summer. With English Black Cow vodka, Italian Campari and Spanish vermouth, the Black Cow Vodka Negroni takes you on a tour across Europe. With each sip a taste of sunnier climes.
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    With no added sugar or sweeteners, our strawberry vodka is flavoured naturally by the fruit. Locally sourced, leftover or misshapen English strawberries that would otherwise go to waste are pressed and infused in Black Cow to create a fresh, light vodka with the unmistakable taste of freshly picked strawberries.