Domaine de Cassagnau Chardonnay

Domaine de Cassagnau Chardonnay

Pays d'OC, Southern France, France
Domaine De Cassagnau
Wine Description:

A full style, ripe Chardonnay from Domaine de Cassagnau showing rich stone fruits and citrus.

Tasting Note:

What sets this Chardonnay apart is its brilliance and shimmering green tints. The nose – of mango, passion fruit and mild spices – takes you on an exotic voyage. The palate is all roundness, softness and finesse, with more than a hint of tangy vivacity that lends balance. Let yourself be charmed by its suppleness and freshness and its deliciously floral and exotic aromas. Serve chilled.

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Food Suggestion:

Share this wine with friends and family either as an aperitif drink or with a meal of summer vegetables accompanied by cooked or raw fish. Pairs wonderfully with modern vegetarian cuisine.


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