Ant Moore

As an Aussie, Ant Moore moved to New Zealand in 2002 and has since undertaken every adventure required to make wine.  Ant has developed a number of bareblocks into vineyards, bought a winery and built it up, created a number of successful wine brands. 

Hands on with every aspect of the production, from managing the vines, harvesting the fruit, to processing the wine. Not afraid to try new and different approaches and to push the boundaries. To Ant that's what making wine is all about, constantly learning and enjoying the creative expression that is making wine.

Using a combination of old world techniques and modern winemaking practices, Ant has crafted a  beautiful range of wines.  They tend to be characterized by dryness and purity.  They are all about balance and character.

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  • Wine
    Produced by the excellent Ant Moore from fruit grown high above the Waihopai Valley. Stunning value with gooseberry and citrus notes and balanced acidity.