Domaine De Vedilhan Viognier

Domaine De Vedilhan Viognier

Pays d'OC, Southern France, France
Domaine De Vedilhan
Wine Description:

Domaine de Vedilhan is made by Boutinot, it is made of an 100% Viognier grape varitey. Temperature controlled wine making methods are used to keep the wines cool in the hot climate, this helps to keep the wine vibrant and fresh. The grapes are harvested early which helps preserve the acidity and delicate aromatics.

Tasting Note:

Honeysuckle and apricot on the nose; richly textured and nicely balanced with flavours of apricots and a satisfying delicate bitterness on the finish.

Vegetarian, Vegan

Food Suggestion:

Delicious with Thai or fusion food or meats cooked in creamy or fruity sauces.

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Producer Description

Bruno, Pierre and Dominique Fayet are the 6th generation to grow grapes at Domaine de Vedilhan, a large and historic estate which traces its viticultural history back to the Roman era. Since 1999 our winemakers have been working closely with the Fayets and today half of the domaine’s production is used for Boutinot wines.