Casa Silva Romano

Casa Silva Romano

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Now - £13.60
Colchagua Valley, Chile
Casa Silva
Cesar Noir
Wine Description:

Romano, also called C├ęsar Noir, is a variety that was introduced in France by the Roman Legions that arrived in Burgundy and that have been present in our original vineyards in the Colchagua Valley since 1912, introduced by the first generation of the family, which arrived in Chile from Bordeaux, France. It is a lush and pleasing wine with good body and colour, aromas of tea, almonds and red fruits. The palate delivers a pleasing sensation of acidity and natural sweetness.

Tasting Note:

It is from these vineyards that the grapes for this intriguing and initially unforthcoming wine are sourced. But, behind the tannin and acidity, is an intense, silky treat with notes of fig, leather and rich ripe fruit.

Producer Description

Casa Silva produce a wide range of terroir specific wines, with multi-tiered pricing and styles. Renowned for being the Number One producer for Carmenere, also with beautiful Cabernets and Merlots, also leading the way in developing Cool Climate Vineyards, with Pinot Noirs, Viogniers and Syrah Wines. Casa Silva are the most Awarded Chilean Winery at International Competitions.

Founded in 1892, Casa Silva is 100% owned and managed by the Silva Family, a family whose origins are from the heart of the Colchagua valley and they fiercely transfer the pride of their roots, respect for nature and the people of the Colchagua to the rest of the world.

The wines reflect the passion and commitment of each family member to the earth and environment of their beloved Colchagua. Four, unique, Colchagua Estates, all of which were pioneered by the Silvas: Angostura in 1912 by Great, Great Grandfather Emile Bouachon, to the Estates in Los Lingues, Lolol in 1994 and the Coolest of all, Paredones, first planted in 2004. In each new sub-region, now rated as super-premium viticultural areas, the Silvas were the first to “break the ground”

Vina Casa Silva seeks to be recognised for its high quality fine wines, leaders of a new generation of premium wines from Chile, innovators and pioneers in Colchagua, but with a strong sense of place and a unique style of their own. As a winery they respect the tradition and the relationship within the community, its people, and environment.

With its strong sense of family, Casa Silva wishes not only to be seen as the first option for super premium wines in Chile, but also for the family values, culture, innovation and respect for nature that is a the core of their philosophy and to project this strong belief throughout the world.
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