La Bascula Casta Diva Moscatel

La Bascula Casta Diva Moscatel

Alicante, Spain
La Bascula
Wine Description:

A fantastic dessert wine from La Bascula, this passito-style Moscatel is gently aromatic and floral on the nose. On the palate it has mouthwatering flavours of tangerine, marmalade, sweet spice and honey. Absolutely delicious with a slab of your favourite blue cheese.

Producer Description

La Báscula is the name given to the Spanish wine range produced by Ed Adams MW and South African winemaker Bruce Jack. The term itself means weighing scales, and represents the balance between indigenous Spanish varieties and modern winemaking. Their philosophy is to focus on small volumes and really high quality - making wines that offer excellent value for money whilst being true to the regions they represent. The result is fine, ripe, concentrated wines.

La Báscula started life with just two wines in the range, both Monastrell based red wines from Jumilla, south-east Spain. They now offer a broad range of wines from regions including Rioja, Rueda and Alicante.