How to tap a cask

Place the stillage (wooden cradle) on a level surface where it cannot be disturbed* with the lower end at the front.

Make sure that the cask is not set up close to any direct heat or in a cold place, the perfect temperature for a cask of beer is 13C (55F)

Place the cask on the stillage with the tap end on the lower edge, with the keystone (tap hole) at the bottom. Leave to stand for 20 minutes. It’s lightly carbonated and as with a shaken a soda can, it’s best to allow it to settle before opening.

Knock the hard spile (peg) into the aperture (bigger bung on the top side of the cask), cover the spile with a cloth or paper towel before knocking it in to catch any ale spraying out. Swap the hard spile to the soft spile to allow it to vent

Knock the tap in firmly (through Keystone – smaller bung in the flat end), attach the downspout with the washer inside.

Leave to settle for 12 hours.*

Draw off ¼ pint to clear the tap of any sediment & throw away.*

Draw off ¼ pint to check for clarity and taste.

The beer is now ready for drinking.

When the cask has emptied, please keep the tap kit assembled with the washer and spout in place, knock the hard spile half way in to prevent leaks and return to Palmers Wine Store.


P.S Please remember: Do not disturb or move the cask once it has been tapped.*

Draught ale

* These steps can be skipped for a bright cask