Chateau Angludet, Magnum

Chateau Angludet, Magnum

Bordeaux, France
Chateau Angludet
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Wine Description:

An outstanding Chateau in Margaux producing superb wines vintage after vintage. Rich, succulent cocoa and cassis fruit.

Producer Description

Chateau Angludet is a producer based in Margaux who is widely regarded to consistantly produce wine of a Cru Classe level. If there is ever a reclassification of the Medoc then Chateau Angludet will be first on the list to be classified Grand Cru Classe.

Palmers have been buying Chateau Angludet for many years and stock up on every vintage. We have soon to arrive the 2015 vintage en primeur which is considered to be Angludets finest vintage to date and have recently bought the 2016's which is rumoured to be the strongest vintage in several years.

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