Chateau Cantenac-Brown

Chateau Cantenac-Brown is a 3rd Cru Chateau owning 48 hectares of vineyard in Margaux, Bordeaux. Origionally owned by John Lewis-Brown at the start of the 19th century who, after purchasing the vineyard, designed the Chateau in a traditional tudor style due to his Scottish heritage. Chateau Cantenac-Brown remains the only one of this style in Bordeaux.

Now owned by the Simon Halabi family, with José Sanfins managing the winery, Chateau Cantenac-Brown remains one of Bordeaux's most regarded Chateaux.

The Cantenac area of Margaux is much prized for it's specific terroir of gravel slopes, an area shared by other such prestigeous Chateaux as Palmer, Brane-Cantenac and Pougout amongst others.
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